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To gain traction in life, you need to think about how you think.
The Speaker Academy
Speak, Earn and Change
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About the Academy


Public Speaking and Corporate Presentation

The Speaker Academy is a specialised school for public speaking and corporate presentation. It runs a 2 phase programme (The Basic and Advanced), that delivers the pivotal experience one requires for incisive learning and application of effective communication skills, needed to launch individuals and organisations into dimensions of impactful relevance in their career and business.


You will go beyond speaking and presenting to earning a world standard fee for any individual in the industry.

Earn More

We are able to increase your capacity to earn and achieve more.
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Change is constant to the degree of how much of it you want, we have packaged the courses and training materials in our modules to cause a change in your perceptions and belief


Our course and materials will reshape and cause a definite change to your thinking pattern.
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Picture Speaks

We have over a decade of pictures that
speaks for us, both in corporate and personal presentations


It takes just a little effort
to get started

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